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The meaning of linear guides


The Latin name for linear is linearis which means approximately: ”existing from a straight line".
Guide means that you can influence the movement.
Roughly translated this means that you are transporting something from point A to point B
in a straight line.

Linear guides

When you have to move an object from position A to position B, this is often done in a straight line because it’s the easiest and cheapest way.
In mechanical engineering one uses for the linear guiding mostly a linear unit.
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Friction at linear guides 
In a linear guide it is also easier to eliminate any friction between the guide and the carriage.
You can simply thinking of adding a lubricant.
Wheel guides and ball rail guides are often used for linear guides.
Linear guides in mechanical engineering
Linear guides are very often used in mechanical engineering. They are used for example in “pick and place” machines, all kind of positioning machines, spray paint shops and so on. 
Actually, as soon as it has to do with handling, there is a linear guide involved in any shape whatsoever.
One uses in the machine building often linear units (guides) because of their simplicity, reliability, lightweight, easy to build in and relatively low costprice.
Mind you this linear guides (units) cannot and must not function independently! They always have to be built into or with another machine.
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