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Toothed Belt


A tooth belt drive is a drive system that both in an engine as in a final drive is used.
It consists of two pulleys with an external splines, on which a toothed belt with internal tooth’s is located. The tooth’s on the belt prevents the slipping of the belt.
We restrict ourselves on this page to the toothed belts for linear technology.
The toothed belt for the constructor is an ideal connecting element in the kinematics. 
A toothed belt converts a rotating movement perfect, fast and directly into a linear movement.
A displacement speed of 10 m / s and almost every size of axis are possible.
Minor position spreads and high repetition accuracy are often requested from linear movements.
Lineairtechniek® uses the timing belts with the profile AT (other timing belts are available on request). This type of polyurethane timing belt are designed and optimized for linear units.
They are characterized by shape-resistant teeth and high stiffness of the belt drums.
If the toothed belt is used in a combination with high loads, it is wise to check the tension of the belt after a short period. This is necessary because of the embedding of the steel cords.
The toothed belts are temperature-resistant at temperatures of -30 ° C to + 80 ° C.
The toothed belt makes a conversion possible from a rotating to a vertical motion, and backwards with a high precision. The high accuracy of the pitch between the teeth of the belt and the pulley results in a uniform load distribution on the major tooth flanks and the drive pulley. Therefore high load and precision is possible. The material combination of both belt and pulley is perfect suitable for forces by constantly changing directions.
With the choice of the bore and the number of splines of the driving pulley, the distance traveled per revolution of the pulley is fixed.
Basically there are three construction types for linear units:
1.Toothed belt with carriage
2. Toothed belt with trolley (omega unit)
3. Toothed belt with linear table
If you want to know more about the possibilities of timing belts and linear technology,
please contact us.