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Linear technology                                               


In engineering, the words linear technology are often used for a mechanical motion to move something from A to B in a straight (linear) line.
This is mostly used for positioning devices (handling), paint shops, packaging, printing industry, attractions, pick and place systems, vision industry etc.
The applications of linear technology are innumerous.

Linear technology at micro level


On the smallest level is also linear technique applied.
Take for example laboratories, semiconductor and wafer industry, laser and optical industry, aerospace and even in the medical world.
The adjustment is not in centimeters or millimeters but people here talking about an accuracy of micrometers or even less!

Advantages of linear technology.


  • With a motion along a straight line, you have several choices for materials which provide minimal friction as possible. This includes e.g. sliding guides, wheel- and recirculating ball rail guides
  • High reliability through a relatively simple movement. Note: One should use high quality and proven materials.
  • Due to the linear motion, the linear unit can be kept relatively small and light and so it’s easy to install it in a larger installation.
  • Because of the relatively simple structure of a linear unit the cost of a linear unit is low.
  • The linear technique is in all directions applicable and linkable and therefore can be used anywhere.
Take for example an XYZ formation (see illustration).
This arrangement of applied linear technique is good for use in a pick and place machine.
In almost all industries linear technique is applied. 
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