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Datum: 21-7-2015


 Linear Technology in practice.

In 2010 Lineairtechniek®  has mounted a linear unit in a machine at a paper mill.
This linear unit of the LTC series has a length about 6.5 meters.
The linear unit is provided with a cleaning nozzle which sprays water over a paper roll.
On the picture you can clearly see that this linear unit has to work in a very wet and dirty environment. Because of the multifunctional application and the high technical quality of the linear units by Lineairtechniek® operates this machine for many years without problems.
This is made possible by the use of running wheels on shafts that do not need lubrication.
Lineairtechniek has also chosen for quality materials such as:

• anodized aluminum parts
• Stainless steel bolts and nuts
• high-grade nickel-plated steel pulleys
• hardened stainless steel wheels
• hardened stainless steel shafts

The stainless steel wheels used in the linear unit are provided with a V-shape. This V-shape of the guidewheels creates a friction surface as small as possible between the axles and the guide wheels. Due to this construction the pollution can easily go away without beeing "locked".
Another advantage in this wet and dirty working environment is that there's no lubrication necessary.

The cleaning nozzle is mounted on a carriage which is provided with 4 guide wheels.
Two of these guide wheels have a centric shaft and are not adjustable (fixed). The other two guide wheels have eccentric shafts so these are adjustable.
By adjusting these excentric wheels, the linear unit has a zero backlash.
Due to this adjustability, there is also an option to create a certain tension so it's posible to move heavier loads at high speed.

Characteristics linear unit of the LTC series:

• open series linear unit
• anodized aluminum profiles 45x90, 90x90 and 15x135 mm
• dirt resistant
• hardened shafts (Ø 10 and 20 mm)
• hardened guide wheels
• Stainless steel guide wheels possible
• structure consists of components
• driven by a toothed belt (type 16 AT10, AT10 25, 50 AT10)

Almotion produces and delivers the complete range of linear units of the LTC series.
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