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Datum: 08-10-2015


LINEAIRTECHNIEK®  goes.....England

Almotion recently finished a project with linear units for a new client in England.

This client is a supplier for a.o. producthandling in the English manufacturing and is specialized in several linear units. As an expansion and partially as a replacement of its existing assortment, it now also supplies linear units of Lineairtechniek®  to its customers.

Recently Almotion again has deliverd an X-Z configuration with semi closed linear units.This X-Z alignment has high forces which made the decision for a recirculating ball rail guide. 

Among all advantages of a recirculating ball rail guide the most important advantages are high accuracy, high rigidity and high speeds. Also these recirculating ball rail guides are almost free of maintenance (depending on the workplace)

In this this linear X-Z alignment was chosen for linear unit LT80-TR-S20D-700 with toothed belt 32AT10 and a type -20- rail for the vertical axis (Z)

Horizontal the linear unit LTZ55-TR-S15D-500 is mounted with toothed belt 25AT5 and type -15- rail. The LTZ -series, also called Omega, is a serie of linear units with which the motor is fixated.
Because of this fixation the motor of the horizontal axis does not move along which saves weight.

On the basis of the measures desired by the mechanist, there is designed and produced a specific mounting plate. 



In this case a grab will be mounted at the end of the LTZ55.

These linear units in a X-Z configuration were designed for handling with help from a grab which can move a mass of 30 kilos with a high speed. 

Another advantage of this X-Z configuration is that it has very compact building sizes.

As well the LT80 as the LTZ55 are linear units which are designed and produced by Almotion. Because of our own production we can guarantee you short time of delivery. 

Do you have a project with linear units? Let our engineers think with you and advise you the best solutions.