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Datum: 11-11-2015


Together with a mechanist Lineairtechniek® finished a project of linear units. This customer of Lineairtechniek® is specialized in the pharmaceutical, foods and iron industry. Just like Almotion they are they are specialized in customized products.


The project consists of a XZ -alignment of linear units with running wheels of our brand Lineairtechniek®. These kind of configurations with linear units have been made by Almotion over 18 years.


This alignment moves a high mass with a low speed and will be placed in a dirty work environment.


The horizontal axis consists of two linear units. One linear unit with a toothed belt drive and one which only serves as a linear guide.


The slide, which connects both linear units, is specially made for the customer. This slide has the size 500x500 mm.

Because of the construction of linear units described as above, a very strong axis with high power of recording many forces is build.

The Z-axis is made of an aluminium 90x90 mm profile with two running wheel guides mounted on both sides. The rack and pinion drive ensures that the motor does not comes up and down which saves a lot of mass.


With the configurations of linear units described above, a good alignment is important.


This alignment of linear units is also very good resistant to pollution and needs little maintenance. 

Lifetime of these linear units is high  and spare parts are almost not required.


The alignment of the linear units as described here find their bases in the LTC series of Lineairtechniek®.

These series of linear units are put together by an extrusion profile of 45x90mm with hardened axis mounted on it and on which hardened running wheels with a V-shape are moving.

Because of  a.o. this shape of the running wheels these linear units are very well resistant to pollution.

The tooth belt is of the AT10 type and available in 16, 25 or 50mm wide.


When you would like more information about this alignment of linear units or about all out linear units and their possibilities, please contact us. We are pleased to help you.