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Datum: 28-1-2016


Lifetime of a Linear Unit


An important point in the acquisition (TCO) of a linear unit is to make a calculation of the service life. Many external factors can affect the useful life and life cannot be predicted precisely. That this can be very positive for a whole by us  developed and manufactured linear unit was shown by a recent inspection carried out by a customer. In this customer, we have assembled the most commonly used linear unit of the type LT135 of Linear Technology ™, this type of linear unit has several versions. In these belt driven linear unit there are not even any serious usage found after 11,000 kilometres run. This machine makes eight beats per minute, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. 



The linear unit LT135 is built in a case erector. The carriage is provided with a plate which hangs at the bottom of the ink-jet head. The inkjet head prints on the Plano, after which the carton is set up. The achieved speeds are not high; approximately 800 mm / s. The mass is at a fairly large distance from the carriage which creates a large moment load and a stop is on the normal functioning of a linear unit. Hence our recommendation to use an LT135 Linear Technology ™ for this. This LT135 is equipped with two linear guides which are provided with a profile rails and recirculating ball carriages. The profile rails are of a size and -20- are mounted on a centre distance of 90mm with respect to each other. This spacing we can improve for our customers so that the moment load also should increase.

There are many layers created by this linear unit and therefore opted for a recirculating ball carriage which is provided with a ball chain (life lubrication). This makes it necessary lubrication interval 30 (!) times become longer than in a version without ball chain.

If you have questions about this or any other linear unit Linear unit Linear Technology ™, please contacus. We are happy to help.