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Datum: 07-09-2016


The linear units of Lineairtechniek® are also
used in the offshore.


The Yme platform, located 110 kilometres southwest of Egersund (Norway), has been demolished with the help of our linear units.



For this purpose, a special ship called the "Pioneering Spirit" is used. This special ship can lift the platform in 1 time and transport it to a port in order to be demolished.



The platform is still stuck with a number of columns. By using  cutting torches the platform will be disconnected.




In these columns are so called "leg cutting tools".
Each column has one leg cutting tool and this is also equipped with three cutting torches


The linear units of Lineairtechniek are vertically placed and equipped with a cutting torch.
Our linear units ensure in combination with the rotary motion of the leg cutting tool for a
fully automatic cut.



When the platform is disconnected, it can be transported to the port.



The linear units of the brand Lineairtechniek® can be used for many purposes.
Above are our standard units used with a few adjustments according to the wishes of the customer.
The standard LT2 series of Lineairtechniek has a profile width of 60 mm and a toothed belt of the type 16AT10 or 16AT5. This series is also available with recirculation ball guide(s)) with a profile rail
-20- or hardened guide wheels on hardened shafts. The guide wheel system is very good to use in a polluting environment. These guide wheels and axles are also available in stainless steel.

Lineairtechniek® by Almotion can also deliver linear systems which are completely designed to your application.

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