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Own Engineering and production of linear units


Lineairtechniek® is the only Dutch brand that manufactures and develops linear units.

They are really “Made in Holland”.
Since 1996 we have been developing and producing linear units with the brand name Lineairtechniek®.
Almotion has its own engineering/producing department, so they can target to the needs of the customer. This allows them to always have a high level of service by fast delivery and flexibility in your designs
Only the best components are used for our linear units and we always search for the most superior technical solution.
Features of our linear units:
  • Rubust and reliable 
  • Quality in used components
  • Technically high grade
  • Low TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Customized units


If you want a complete overview of our linear units, please use the button productinformation
If you want customized linear units, please contact us.